Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday before?

I slept in heavily today. At about noonish my girlfriend J called to say she was returning home early because work was light. So I turned off my alarm and resolved to be woken up by the pitter patter of her feet.

The only problem with getting up at 1pm is you really don't get much done. That's ok, since I really didn't have anything to do. However, I did cheat on my hair stylist.

I wonder if its an unspoken rule not to cheat on hairstylists? I mean, presumably everyone does it, but do they cry a little when they learn about the violation of stylist and styled confidentially agreement? I guess every hair stylist knows they'll eventually be cheated on, but it must sting each time anyways.

So I also had my first and only meal of the day at 5pm from Pagliacci's. This makes it hard to have my B vitamins, so I have been feeling tired this evening as a result. I also watched the first half of Canadian Bacon - it feels very creepy after the last number of years of world goings on. J fell asleep so now it looks like it's time for WOW again as usual. Looks like my guilders want to run The Sunken Temple aka "ST".

I must say, I am hoping my new company gets me a spiffy new Macbook pro. I am bringing my WOW disks just so I can game on it. That way J can play my Powerbook, I can play my new Macbook while we're away. And when we're back, I have my spiffy iMac in addition to a new spiffy Macbook pro. And in one fell swoop all WOW gaming needs will be taken care of.

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