Thursday, September 07, 2006


So after staying up until 1:30am playing World of Warcraft (possibly the best video game ever), I then stayed up even later reading the rest of jPod. I must say, it feels like he just rewrote Microserfs for Generation-not-X, whatever 20-somethings in the '2000s' are called (ie: my generation). Since it's set in Vancouver, I love it despite the feeling that I've already read this book.

Deja-vu feelings aside, the book briefly made me think about starting heroin. I think life might be more interesting if I was a heroin addict, but I decided not to - not necessarily because it is illegal, but the other downsides, including trying to get off of it. Plus acquiring the substance would be hard in Seattle I imagine, there doesn't seem to be as many addicts here - or at least nothing as infamous as Main and Hastings.

After my non-marathon WOW 1:30am session, then comes the book reading session - by light of the LCD display too I might add. This finished at 4:30am, which means getting to work by 9am is not really possible. Add in that this is my last month here at (unnamed ecommerce giant) after which I will be joining (large unnamed internet company), I think I actually woke up at 11am. Of course all morning I'm ignoring phone calls from my chiropracter's office (twice) and the front door (once). Luckly it's the delivery company dropping off my new battery for my Powerbook - my old battery was dying, and just in time Apple did a recall. Hooray for recalls - I didn't have to shell the $130 for a new battery.

So I wind my way through downtown Seattle, first stop the Columbia Death Tower (oooh, so black) to get my back cracked. Cue Simpsons joke. Then next stop Kinkos/fedex - where I fedexed my giant paper pile to (large unnamed internet company) located in Mountain View. After which I arrive to work just in time to see the clock strike 2pm.

Another day, another morning perfectly executed.

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