Saturday, September 23, 2006

Lego Mindstorms

I am a pretty heavy Mac user these days. I have a Powerbook and an intel iMac. I was very happy to hear that the latest Mindstorms kit I got fully supported the Mac. I installed the software on my Powerbook, did a few very simple things, and realize "hey, this would be faster on my iMac". Luckily I also have bluetooth on both computers, so no wires, right?

Well it turns out, the bluetooth connection just does not work on the intel iMac. It turns out that they do not have an universal binary yet, and it ALSO turns out that bluetooth does not actually work on intel with the translated PowerPC binary.

The strangest thing was how difficult it was to confirm this on something legit. As you can see that page is a far cry from the main pages, yet it showed up fairly high in this google query.

Poking around finds a gizmodo article from Aug 1st talking about how a universal binary is available. Now when this is the 5th hit for the query "lego mindstorms "os x" universal upgrade" and the previous 4 are either macnn or macslash stories, it seems to me that in fact there is no upgrade yet.

Looking for the upgrade far and wide, I have fallen flat. If I can't find it by now, it probably does not exist.

This is very tragic, and significantly reduces the utility of mindstorms. Lego, if you're listening (and you're not), get that universal binary out!

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