Friday, September 08, 2006


So on Friday I decided to arrive to work by 11:00am since I had a meeting at that time. I arrived 5 minutes late of course - this time it was the bus schedule! Really, honestly!

It was a meeting talking about this system I originally wrote last fall. I'm the expert in this system and my boss(es) are worried about the loss of knowledge (as they should be). We stumbled through the meeting, me barely caring, but offering tidbits and whatnot.

After lunch I was tooling about the office when my co-teammate, guild leader and friend "A-Dawg" (his real name) was gearing up to leave. He is moving tomorrow and needed to pack, since it was only partially done. While he was putting on his bike boots, I said "I'm coming to your house now, I'll take the bus while you bike home." So I hopped up on the bus and after 30 minutes I arrived at his apartment. I wanted to check out his World of Warcraft setup, and interfere with his packing.

Luckly for both of us he has Guitar Hero for the PS2, and I sat down and proceeded to play the game for something like 4 hours. This is the best game I have played since World of Warcraft, plus I really felt like I was a rock star. In fact I'm pretty sure I can become a rock star with some Guitar Hero training. I called my GF who came and hung out, but I'm afraid watching me destroy songs she knows wasn't fun so it was time to split.

After getting home we were tired, so it was time to break out the WOW again. Luckly my GF plays, so she at least understands the phrase "bind on equip". A bunch of my guildies were up so we hit up Stranglethorn Vale with some 40s and one of our 60 priests. We wiped a few times which sucked, especially since we weren't even in an instance.

This time I think I went to bed only at 3am. Maybe 4? I can't remember.

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