Wednesday, September 13, 2006

WOW is back up

So my server is back up. It's nice to be back, really gives a good ending to the evening. Plus I was able to post a bunch of auctions since there are about 500 (vs 5000 normally) auctions up. Because most people don't have a historic view of the market, and without competing auctions to compare to, I'm hoping my auctions will sell quickly and net me a goodly amount of gold.

In the game I have an alternate character which I created to hold my extra items I want to auction. Because I can just mail items off to that character from any mailbox in the game (there are mailboxes in every town), I don't have to worry about bag space, and I also don't need to worry about the 'right time' for Auctioning. I will have a big pool of things to auction and when the time is right I can put them up easily and quickly. My auction mule character hangs out in Thunder Bluff near the bank, mailbox and the Auction house. I can post 10 auctions in 2 minutes and take advantage of the market upswing on Sunday nights.

This'll come in handy later when I need to earn 800 gold for my elite mount.

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