Friday, September 29, 2006


So I just did over 400 miles in one day. The path from Nelson, BC to Seattle, WA is fairly long, and one major disadvantage is I had to traverse Spokane at rush hour.

Spokane is a surprisingly nice town I don't really want to spend any more time in. Sorry, but the downtown is the only thing unique going for it, and the scenery and terrain while nice is not awesome. Add in the whole conservative thing, and actually interacting with people there may not be so awesome. Might as well visit Vancouver, or San Francisco or anywhere else.

Plus the drive, oh my! Although this time the 4 hour drive seemed to go by faster. The slowest part is from Spokane to Vantage/The Gorge. Flat, straight, with lots of opportunities for speeding. And lots of State Patrol using every speed measuring device measured. I've seen radar, laser and I've heard of planes. I always see cops either speed trapping people, pulled people over, or passing by me with lights, I just don't bother speeding. As tempting as it is - that is some nice highway - the actual asphalt that is.

So now I'm back in Seattle, with tomorrow my last actual day with my old employer. Rumor has it they want to exit interview me, so perhaps I'll go there tomorrow and give them an earful. Or not, after all, no sense burning bridges, right? If they can't figure out what is wrong, they certainly don't deserve to be told, right? Still debating exactly what to tell them. Probably half truth and half "figure it out yourselves".

Then Saturday I board an airplane (with J) and fly off to my new fabulous life. Almost literally, since it should be fabulous, but I will return to actually work here. So I will fly then return to my new fabulous reinvented life. After all, half of actually getting something is actually imagining it.

So, Thursday: Drive all day, Friday: pack all day, Saturday: fly (not all day thankfully).

I was considering asking the check in airline employee where I can make a "symbolic but probably useless complaint about security." After that guy who was detained at a TSA checkpoint I'm not so sure now. Clearly airline security is really just a "how scared should you be" thing, not actually anything useful anymore. There is much to be said here, most of it said much better than I.

I'm tempted to bring water just to have it confiscated. Just for fun, after all, as everyone knows, H2O is an essential ingredient to life, and one must have it on hand at all times. Plus the little shops beyond the security line gouge like crazy. Maybe it covers the cost of xraying your soda bottles?

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