Saturday, September 09, 2006


I was woken up at noon by a text from A-Dawg saying that he needed my help to move. After breakfast, showers, me and my GF (hereafter known as "J-Slice") arrived at his apartment at the early 1:30pm. They had rented a huge-assed 26' truck, and had already filled it up with furniture. It looked like they could fit quite a bit more, but they said it was going to take 2 trips.

They moved to a cool house a few blocks off Broadway on Capitol Hill. Very nice house, with an awesome kitchen, great bathrooms and sweet skylights. Luckly there was many helpers, so the moving went by quickly and without incident. Except for the friggin "heavy couch" - never ever buy a hide-a-bed.

J-Slice and I ditched the movin' boys and went shopping quickly downtown. Traffic was horrible of course, which reminds me - never go downtown by car on Saturday. After finding a new wallet for her dad, and a new tiny wallet for moi, J wanted to bake some muffins for the heavy liftin' boys. After making me promise not to make fun of her, quick muffin baking enused. I must say however cinnamon streusel dudes are pretty frickin' awesome.

This time they had finished loading the giant-huge-assed (did I mention it's a stick?) truck a second time. Following them throughout the streets of downtown it looked like the truck was having a few problems. Later I found out that the differential was broken when U Haul checked it in the next day.

The rest of the move was fairly uneventful. Tidying up the evening was a few hours of WOWing. Making level 42 was my big accomplishment.

So much for Saturday.

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