Tuesday, August 28, 2007

SFO Follow up

So Alaska was 2 hours late all told. Apparently we were lucky since the president was in Seattle from 1-5pm, screwing up rush hour. Am I the only one who think it's unacceptable to screw up major freeways just for a single person?

I complained on SFO's website, and I in fact got an answer today - totally unexpected! They noted that SFO has a different arrangement, making it difficult to pay for improvements, thus they contracted t-mobile to install and run the wifi network. Interestingly enough, t-mobile paid for all the capital costs. Apparently SFO is working so that airlines can provide wireless to customers if they so want.

And lastly, the vendors are only allowed to charge 10% more than local street cost. The customer service folks at SFO are sending my complaint to their concessions office, since I'm pretty sure that $2.69 for a 500 ml bottle of soda is more than 10% above street price.

So, SFO get a bump up for responding to complaints.

Monday, August 27, 2007

You know, SFO is not really as cool of an airport as one might think, being all close to a tech capitol and all that. Here are the sins:

- entirely too big- airtrain kinda sucks.
- entirely too small- once you are behind security jail there isn't much at all. How about choices?
- pay wifi is so last century. While waiting for our inevitablely late flight, why not comp us Internet?
- also I just hate airlines. Crappy seats, late flights, customer service that isn't subservient enough.

I'm only cranky because I left my book in my checked bag. Also normally good Alaska is late today.