Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Magnetic plug

I'm using my new Macbook Pro courtsey of my new employer. First off, this is a cool machine, it's back to the 1" form factor which is nice and thin. Secondly, the magnetic power plug is pretty cool and actually really fun to play with.

My week so far has been insane and crazy. Here is the executive summary:
  • Saturday 4:30pm: Arrive in SJC (with J)
  • Saturday 6:00pm: Leave temp apartment to go to SF.
  • Saturday 8:00pm: Supper at north beach with friends.
  • Saturday/Sunday 2:00am: Home and sleeping.
  • Sunday 12:21pm: Catch caltrain to SF with J
  • Sunday : Hanging out in SF, took the Cable car, saw Fisherman's Wharf, etc.
  • Sunday 6:30pm: Supper again with same friends.
  • Sunday 8:00pm: Catch return caltrain to Mountain View just in time.
  • Sunday/Monday 2:00am: Finally sleep
  • Monday 8:00am: Woke up barely
  • Monday 9:00am: At work for all-day orientation.
  • Monday evening: Supper with J and roommate in downtown Mountain View.
  • Tuesday 8:30am: Woke up
  • Tuesday 10:00am: At work, at introductory tech talk.
  • Tuesday afternoon: Hung out at work, walked around, etc.
  • Tuesday 7:00pm: Friend came by work, checked it out briefly, then left for SF.
  • Tuesday 8:30pm: Had supper at chinese place. Not great, but not bad.
  • Tuesday 11:00pm: Left SF for Mountain View
  • Tuesday 11:59pm: Sleep, unusually early.
Now it's Wed at 11am, I'm sitting in another tech talk with all the other new hires. With plugs on desk for notebook power, and wireless life is good here.

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