Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Weekend Summary

So writing a weekend summary on Wednesday is a little silly, but whatever.

I'll start with last Thursday - my new manager arrived in Mountain View, and we went out to Francis Ford Coppola's restaurant. A nice Italian deal.

Friday - last tech talks of the day, then a Friday "TGIF" meeting.

That night, I went to San Francisco to meet J there with my friend. We had supper at Lori's Diner. Afterwards we met up with another friend at The View Lounge at SF Marriott. This place has large windows at the top of the hotel - 39 stories up, pretty much on market. Views of SF, the Bay Bridge and the Financial district. And also on that Friday (all of them?) was live Jazz music.

The night ended late, sleep at 2am. Which was unfortunate since the return flight to Seattle was at 12:30pm. Evening of World of Warcraft capped Saturday.

Sunday was excessively lazy. An evening game night, played some Settlers and also a card game called "Lunch Money." I'm not sure this is a great game since it is fairly complex to learn - there are lots of cards that can only be played at certain times, and figuring it all out takes a little while. Teaching new players is hard, they would probably feel they are losing because of the complexity. And the game isn't really open ended enough to enjoy playing time and time again. I would have to overall rate this game "not recommended". Which is unfortunate because the dark imagery on the cards is pretty cool.

Cap it off with late-night WOWing and that is how you fill up 4 days.

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