Monday, September 03, 2007

A year later Lego still sucks

What a difference a year doesn't make. I complained last year that Lego Mindstorms software didn't work properly on Intel Macs. Specifically bluetooth doesn't work, due to the non-universal binary. This was pretty sad and pathetic of Lego, seeing how the Mindstorms was released in early 2006, and we knew since early 2005 that Intel Macs were the new hotness. Alas, they weren't paying attention, and anyone on an Intel Mac has a fairly crippled NXT platform. I can tell you, that bluetooth program upload is the super-hotness.

So, a year later, and Lego finally decided to release a point release which also includes Universal binary support. But, wait for it, you have to pay for the privileged of using all the features of your very expensive robotics platform. Furthermore it's very difficult to find even this fact out. It took me about 10 minutes to think to look in the "Need some help" link and be rewarded with the unsavory news.

Lego gets some pretty seriously disses from me for this continuing situation. To be so oblivious to the new millennium and willfully ignorant of a large and growing segment of would be users is not impressive.

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