Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Target changing rooms.

Target changing rooms., originally uploaded by ryanobjc.

Target does not allow men into the women's changing rooms. While sitting here waiting a guy was called by his girlfriend for a consult. The clerk said guys are not allowed in. Nevermind that its just a hall and you can't see anything.

This happened to me once at Lucy's. I now refuse to go anymore. Stores need to respect the companions of women shoppers, some of which are men.

I really don't like "men are creepy" driven policies. Its insulting.

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fahim said...

just had a similar experience yesterday in burke ,va target store. never had this experience before - usually in other stores my wife comes into the changing room with me or vice versa, in this case she was told to wait outside. what peeved me was that a family was allowed to use a changing room together. perhaps i'm missing something in the logic of it all but it did annoy me.