Monday, July 02, 2007

Photo Blog Approach

Now that I have the iPhone it's time to work on photo blogging on the road. The problems with this are:

- The iPhone can't do file form upload
- The iPhone can't copy and paste

The only thing I can do is email photos and enter text in text-areas. Well it's enough - what I can do is email my photo to Flickr. Now the photo is online. Then, using the Flickr post-to-blog feature I can type text in, and Flickr will auto-copy the text and picture link to my blog. Presto, blog post, without copy and pasting the large snippets of text.

I have a Zooomr account, but I can't do this with it. I'd need to form upload and copy and paste the snippet - things I can't do.

UPDATE: Turns out I can get Flickr to post a photo and blog entry. So bonus, even faster photo posting on the go. I tested the EDGE photo upload speed (they are big - 500k) and it takes about 25 seconds to upload. Not too bad! Especially if it's at 75 mph!

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