Friday, April 27, 2007

Joost... A review?

I've had Joost for over a month now. I wrote a highly critical review I never published. It was just not polished enough. Now that more time has gone by, I can't really bring myself to polish it. Joost just doesn't really inspire me to even criticize it. At first the content was bad, then the content got mildly better. Now it's the weirdly confusing UI which annoys me. Besides those flaws, I think the bigger problem is the whole experience didn't leave me so excited I was willing to look beyond them.

As Kathy says on Creating Passionate Users, if your product doesn't either make users love it or hate it, you are in the zone of mediocrity. And I think Joost right now is in that zone. Even the content expansion was not very satisfying - good shows, but half of the ones I tried to click on were "unavailable". Despite all these problems, I still don't hate Joost enough to do more than a 2 paragraph blog entry. I just don't care.

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