Monday, February 12, 2007

Vancouver and the NDS

If you haven't read jPod, you must read it immediately. It's by Douglas Coupland and it takes place in Vancouver, BC. While in theory the book is fiction, it could have been a non-fiction documentary. The book, while probably fiction, it nevertheless could and probably does happen daily in Vancouver.

Case in point, on Saturday I was chilling with my friends who live near Metrotown. From the air/orbit it doesn't look like much, but I assure you, it is a huge mall. Combined with its ultra-convenient location on the Skytrain, makes for a huge destination. My friend, who recently quit game design school (boring!) for 300' high rise window work (cool!) mentioned I should get a Nintendo DS - henceforth just 'DS' or 'NDS'. He also said we can walk over to the Crystal mall and grab a pass-me like device. The newest generation is a 1-cart solution based on slot-1. It allows you to boot homebrew NDS games/apps from a Ultra-SD card - TINY! It patches the rom image on the fly so you merely have to drag and drop your image, and bam, the thing is ready to go.

Now it is time to investigate NDS homebrew. I've already installed the cross compiler toolset with libraries, now all I need is time, inspiration and coding. Some of the demo apps are pretty neato - wardriving on your DS! Or a FTP server via Wifi for upload of new files. With a different solution, a DS Linux is possible, with a browser and the like. But without a slot-2 card to provide extra ram, it wont really be super workable. I doubt I'll play with this - without a MMU it's pretty limited.

Finally, tomorrow is Ignite Seattle. Still deciding if I should go or not. Last time it was a mite crowded but this time I have my NDS.

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