Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Globe and Mail is slipping

I used to hold the Globe and Mail as an example of excellent journalism. However, their recent front page article entitled "U.S. group wants Canada blacklisted over piracy" by a certain Barrie McKenna really leaves me wanting more. Like journalism for example. You know, not repeating statements as fact and leaving stones unturned. Michael Geist wrote an excellent rebuttal to this article - in good time as well. I also felt the need to write editorial feedback to The Globe and Mail. I've posted it here, and sent them a link to this in addition to the text below.

Hi all,

I have normally considered the Globe and Mail to be an excellent newspaper, however I'm starting to think that perhaps journalism does not rule the day. Case in point, Barrie McKenna's article entitled "U.S. coalition wants Canada blacklisted as bootlegging hub". This article is merely free advertising for the IIPA. The article is pretty much entirely quotes from their press release, documents and legal council. Their claims and statements are repeated as fact, despite that an knowledgeable journalist would know many of them are lies, and also know who to contact to obtain refutation. This is not journalism - this is business news wire and not worthy of the front page. Please reassign Barrie ASAP to a different coverage topic - it is clearly beyond his ability or desire.

I would like a response indicating either:
a) That you have done so
b) Why this article is an example of fine journalism and should be upheld as a stellar example of research, perhaps even one that could be used in journalism schools. To put anything but quality on your front page would be a travesty to the good name the Globe and Mail has (had?).

Thank you,

PS: I have posted this online as well at: <this url>

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