Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Challenges of P365

I must say, Project 365 has turned out to be a bit challenging this last week. The problem is remembering to snap a picture during the daylight hours. Driving to work does not help this much at all. While driving to work you generally have 0 downtime - if you're not driving, you're probably either still at home or just arrived at work. At least if you are taking the bus, you probably have to wait a few minutes for a transfer. This slight downtime is where I've gotten a few of my pictures from - specifically the bag lady.

Luckily my camera is very capable, the ISO 1600 mode offers a low amount of noise. Combined with the image stabilization of my new lens, the next batch of photos contains some fascinating low-light and night time pictures. Of course I've been lazy posting them, so I'm behind some. With an up and coming trip to Las Vegas starting tomorrow, you might just have to wait until next week to get it all.

Some tips for would-be Project 365-ers:
  • Your Camera goes everywhere. No exceptions. If you have a 8oz Point and Shoot - consider yourself lucky. My camera bag weighs at least 10 pounds.
  • Thematic - I have been trying to take things that support the theme of the day/week/month. One of my shots is a wilting poinsettia left over from the holidays.
  • Experiments - use this as your chance to mess with light and your camera's abilities. Switch to manual mode, turn off the flash, etc. Absolutely none of my Project 365 photos are done with a flash - I don't even own one!
  • Photos don't just mean camera - One of my up-coming pictures is a screenshot from WOW. Since I played all day long, I figured the theme of the day was WOW, and hence a screenshot would be appropriate. Hey, it's my project!
  • Peer pressure - make sure you're not off the hook. Get your friends, SOs, family to pressure you. There ideally should be an expectation that the next week will bring something awesome. You must post your photos on a blog.
  • "Just do it" - this is my anti-tip. This slogan rings hollow to me (for a variety of reasons), since motivation is more than 3 words. It doesn't offer any actual mechanical advice on HOW to get it done. I only include it here to rail against it.
I am still taking pictures every day - I have not missed a single day so far. Good luck to those also in process.


Need a PI? said...

I think you have some great tips for this inspiring project. Thoughtful and wise too.

When I scrolled down the page, I was looking for a poinsetta that has seen a better day, and perhaps the bag lady in new bag.

I think someone has stolen your pictures.

Ryan said...

I have not posted last weeks or this week's photos yet. That's why they are not there, soon though.

Consider yourself sneak-previewed.

A visual admirer said...

Perhaps peer pressure????