Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I'm sure practically everyone has heard about the "bomb scare" in Boston that was really just some LED sign boards.

Boston needs to wake up and realize the over-reaction and subsequent press conferences using the term "hoax" and "post-911 world" really don't make them look any less foolish.

First off, it's not a hoax - it's a guerilla marketing plan gone awry. A hoax implies that these devices were intended to be mistaken for bombs - which is clearly not the case.

Secondly, can we retire the term 'post-911 world', PLEASE? I'm just tired of this poor excuse covering people with an overactive imagination, and a lack of common sense and knowledge.

I've seen the devices - it should have been apparent that there was no structural threat from these, even if it was 100% explosive. As you may not know, explosive placed on a steel or concrete will just 'blow off' - leaving only surface damage or less.

There is a flickr photostream of one of the ads. The device is a black board, covered with LEDs, exposed electronic components - ie: resistors, capacitors, etc, and a line of C/D batteries along the bottom. No way there could have ever been enough explosive to threaten entire buildings and bridges and the like.

Finally, the "we arrested someone, hooray!" just seems like a face-saving strategy. I hope they realize the rest of the world sees this for what it is and just stop it. I assume the guy's legal defense will be covered by the agency who hired him, if not, the ACLU should step in.

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