Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Future and hope... from the past?

I was watching "The Top 100 One Hit Wonders" - a fantastic VH1 rockumentary. I am a big fan of their special programs, they are educational (about music and pop history at least), fun, interesting, and generally have good clips to watch.

Interestingly enough, at least half of the One Hit Wonders was from the 80s. Perhaps the economics of the day just set things up naturally for one hit wonders. Many of the one hits made it big because of MTV, so that is not a small part of it. (Cue analysis of unfragmented pop culture consumer market of the 80s vs the fragmented pop culture market of the late 90s,00s).

But I realized while watching that show, that I just love 80s music. Not just the music, but the looks, the video clips - especially when set to music. It just fills me with a weird sense of hope, wonder and excitement for the future. Which seems weird since some of these clips are 20 years old.

Of course, perhaps the bigger issue is that the vision of the future from the 80s is better than the current non-vision not being offered. I would say that the national mood is one of deep pessimism, the midterm results might have offered a momentary lapse, but it will be momentary.

In the mean time, I need a full set of the 3 "I Love the 80s" series VH1 did. That is almost 20 hours of quality analysis from the likes of Weird Al and Lisa Lisa.

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