Monday, February 04, 2008

5MT: Java hating

This is not really a 5 minute thought, but more like a brief Java rant from someone else:

"I hate Java. As a programmer, I hate Java, the language, for what it has done to the field of programming. As a journalist, I hate the relentless hyping of Java by its supporters, as well as their unending excuses as to why Java has failed to deliver. And as a technologist who has been involved with three major projects that have used Java, I hate the complications that Java has caused."

-- source


Anonymous said...

That's a seven-year old, badly misinformed rant. The author mentions client-side web applets and desktop apps, and fails to mention webapps and enterprise software, where Java has completely replaced C++.

This was all very clear, even in 2001.

Ryan said...

You're right - I was going through a Java hating period and I was looking for essays I resonated with.

But I need to write my own essay with the (very real) faults of Java. One day.