Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I've been busy - busy with work. Busy with weekend life jazz. Also I haven't had any inspiration of what to write. Except I would note that Steve Yegge's recent blog entry about marshmallows is probably not what you think it's about. Actually I'm not sure it's about anything or even the thing I thought it might be, or anything else. He sure is one opaque writer sometimes. My guess is the lack of sleep.

But never mind that, it is time to publicly declare my candidacy for the office of iPhone owner. My colleague and I shall travel to a store on Friday and attempt to obtain the device. I'm really hoping for a positive outcome because that thing looks so damn cool.

I realized last week that in fact, Star Trek is here. The multi-touch display with the self-reconfiguring layout is reminiscent of Star Trek:TNG. Every tech company is gearing up to provide the hardware and software for multi-touch systems and devices. Of course, knowing most techies they'll blow it on the UI, but for now the singular device that will show off all other devices will be the iPhone. They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and we'll see what Apple's legal department has to say about that.

I sent a text message to Greg Packer who is first in line at the NYC Apple Fifth Store for the iPhone at about 1am tonight. Nevermind that it's 4am, how can you sleep on the street there? He replied a little while later to my inquiry why does he need donations if he can afford an iPhone with the succinct "for food". He didn't really answer my reply which involved Maslow references.

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